Dimon - Bengalias Decent Demon

bengals cat

Date of Birth: 10.08.2012

Colour: brown (black) spotted tabby

Sire: Kanpur smoking Joe Bengalia

Dam: Kalindi Amy

Exactly with this cat came all my love to this breed. At the first time Bengal cats, also as my favorite cat Dimon I saw a winter morning on the cat show in 2012. At that time he was a kitten, but had already a reward from the show. Breeder took him out of the exhibition cage, I took him in my arms and my heart sank. Such beauty I have never seen. Unfortunately, at that time the kitten had been promised to other people. But fate would have it, that I became this wonderful kitten. Since Dimon lives with us as a pet. He is intelligent, smart, restrained, moderately inquisitive cat who loves affection and attention. Dimon gets on well with our cat Liubava.

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