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My name is Yuliya Guzenko. I am the owner of the cattery of Bengal cats «BenCo's» in Nuremberg. I am pleased to welcome you at our site!

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My love for this cat breed originated in 2012, when I first read about it in Internet, and then saw for the first time at the exhibition. Since childhood, I love cats and we have always had at home these wonderful animals. Bengals however, bewitched me so much that I decided to deal with this breed seriously.

Our cats - it is our family and live with us. They are affectionate, friendly and have a constant contact with people, which is very important for socialization Bengal kittens.

We have a small cattery and we are able to give enough attention to each of our pet!

The main goal of our breeding - a healthy, beautiful and socialized animals completely satisfy standard of the Bengal breed.

Quenns and Studs of our cattery are tested for viral and genetic diseases.

Our cattery is registered in the club Cats Unlimited e.V., the first and the oldest club in Germany, recognized TICA.

Our Bengals are taking part at cat shows and many of them habe Titels. That confirms compliance with the standard of Bengals.

Kittens leave cattery not earlier than at the age of 12 weeks, when it was made all vaccinations have made parasite prevention. Each kitten has at this moment all the necessary documents, the chip, the veterinary passport.

Our bengals receive only the highest quality balanced feed, they have comfortable beds and houses. If you want for your pets the same, we invite you to visit our online shop «For your pets».

I, as the owner of the Cattery BenCo's, trying to learn new things about Bengal, as well as to expand my knowledges by visiting cat shows, courses and seminars.

I will be glad to answer all your questions about bengals, give advice on diet, care.

Yuliya Guzenko, +49 172 54 64 090

logo bencosOur cattery is engaged in breeding of the Bengal cat breed. All our kittens grow with us, surrounded by care and attention. If you have an interest in purchase a Bengal kitten or questions about the nature of the Bengals, and life with Bengal, we will find you exactly your kitten and will gladly answer all your questions.

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